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 They volunteered but we were drafted!  An honor we proudly accept!


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Mothers of Military Support Network....M.O.M. have group meetings on the East and West sides of Cleveland. For more information on our meetings please see our calendar. click here.


Mission Statement

The mission of M.O.M. is to be a support and informational network for mothers and fathers with children in the military. To work with communities, organizations and individuals in an effort to create an educational and caring support network that will address the concerns surrounding the involvement of their children and family members in military efforts and when they return home. Mothers Of Military Support Network...M.O.M. - is a 501 (c) 3 program of the USO of Northern Ohio and Operation Homelink.


About Us

Our organization is comprised of Mothers and Fathers with children in all branches of the Armed Services serving throughout the world. Mothers Of Military Support Network....M.O.M. is a non-profit non-political organization. We offer free support and informational services through Certified Counselors, JAG Services, Care Packages and Support Group Meetings.

We Are Committed To the Services Of Support and Caring Until They All Come Home.

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